To visually reduce the shoulders, choose tight-fitting models with wide straps, and a solid color plus a free cut with a deep cut will help hide the “tummy”.

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Some useful tips Today, the dress code is not so strict that the T-shirt can not be put on the job. Only consider your position and position. Funny “face” can cheer customers in the store, but it will be inappropriate in the office. If you want to create something in a light French style, use elements such as a light neck scarf and geometric costume jewelry in combination with neutral colors. Models with rhinestones, appliques and embroidery can even become an acceptable evening outfit – for example, for a dance party.


Choosing the right model, estimate in advance, with what you will wear your T-shirt. The designers recommend two main approaches. First, you can choose a T-shirt with a bright print or with the original coloring as an accent in your outfit. In this case, it is recommended that all other items of the wardrobe be held in a neutral style, so that you do not get too flamboyant tasteless ensemble. Secondly, you can, on the contrary, pick up a T-shirt of neutral color, without a bright pattern, in order to only emphasize any other details of clothing: jeans with embroidery or a coquettish bolero. More recently, women’s t-shirts in the business dress code were considered unacceptable, but today we have good news for lovers of this type of clothing: modern fashion designers offer strict neutral soft-colored t-shirts as companions to the business suit of a business lady. Naturally, in this case the fabric from which the T-shirt is made should look like that: it’s expensive enough, but it’s not flashy. So that the fans of T-shirts had a wonderful occasion and at work not to part with your favorite kind of clothes.

With what t-shirt can I wear a jacket?

It is necessary to exclude the style of polo, long styles, as well as color models with prints. Choose the most simple T-shirt for the color of the jacket or choose a shade from the basic palette. It is desirable that the T-shirt does not stand out and attract attention. But if you want a little hooliganism, then you can refer to the youth style. Its essence is that we try to combine in one outfit an incongruous: black lengthened jacket of official cut, worn jeans and a T-shirt with a cheerful print. As shoes, use ballet shoes or shoes (sandals) on the heel. Complete the outfit with a chain-belt, a bulky or a long clutch. You can also put on multi-tiered beads or suspenders under your jacket, but there’s one thing you should not abuse accessories.

Men’s T-shirt girls can be worn in combination with classic jeans or a skirt. They are worn just like big t-shirts – you can mark the waist with a belt, or leave the top bulky, but the bottom in this case should be tight. Suits a narrow skirt, slacks, skinnies, leggings and so on.


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